Musician, trapeze acrobat, composer, cross-over shows .. about Conny


Feelings and thoughts can be found in every piece of art. It is not the media that is used that matters, but rather the message that is transported to the audience.

My vision is to let people dream and that my performance will inspire the audience to think.

Conny Schneider is a young German artist who combines music and circus in a unique way: playing the saxophone upside down on her trapeze, she takes the audience with her into her own world, a colourful place full of emotions.

Her journey begins in Germany, where her passion for circus since her early childhood brings her to the State School of Circus Arts in Berlin where she follows a professional education for trapeze acrobats. Countless concerts as well as recordings with the band Tiefenrausch Ska and other groups evoke the dream of bringing her saxophone playing to the next level and she moves to the Netherlands to obtain a Bachelor of Jazz at Maastricht Conservatory.

Attracted by the rich mixture of cultures she then moves to Brussels, where she plays with jazz bands and produces her own shows which toured in several European countries. Traveling to Senegal the young musician is captivated by music and ‘teranga’ and she decides to move to Dakar. She performs with well-known artists as Souleymane Faye and Titi, exploring the wide range of musical styles in Senegal which let her enrich her own very unique style of composing. 

You find influences of the various countries she has been living in in her compositions.